Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (Παιδαγωγικό Ινστιτούτο Κύπρου)
Current status:
Schools are closed until 11/05/2020 (last year upper secondary) and 21/05/2020 (remaining educational levels)

The ministry distributes guidelines and teaching content to teachers while the communication with the parents is done in the school level. Schools are in charge of finding out the family’s capacity regarding technology available at home.

Teachers are asked to do their own action plan for distance learning and the ministry implements its own action plan at the state level. The parents are a major part of this process, especially in primary education.

The ministry supports teachers with webinars on how to use platforms such as Microsoft teams and office 365 for distant learning. At the same time, public television is casting special kinds of programmes, both public, and private, as a way of reaching out to students.

Regarding teachers’ professional development on distance learning, the ministry is considering different options including a type of mentoring approach where advanced teachers act as coaches to less advanced teachers. They also organise Continuous Data Protection webinars.

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