The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Utdanningsdirektoratet)
Current status:
Schools are open

Norway was among the first countries in Europe to open up nursery schools on 20 April, followed by schools for the youngest pupils, between ages six and 10, the following week.

During the lockdown

Schools in Norway have good infrastructure conditions for doing online school work at home compared to many other countries. Both society in general and the school are well advanced when it comes to using digital tools and the infrastructure is generally good, although the variation between schools and school owners is still great. Digital resources have also become more integrated in teaching and homework. For many students, the work methods they have now will be known even if the volume increases and they lose the school arena.

Norway can now take advantage of what we have FEIDE. Feide – joint electronic identity – is the preferred solution for secure identification in the education sector, chosen by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. With Feide, students and staff have access to a wide variety of digital content and recourses (from publishers and ed-tech) using just one username and password. Feide is available to all schools in the Norwegian primary and secondary education. All end users must be affiliated. Most schools are well prepared and digitally advanced with a few exceptions that face challenges to adjust quickly in distant learning.

There are a lot of collaboration initiatives among schools and teachers across the country. All publishers and ed-tech companies (for example Kahoot) opened up and give out premium licenses for free. Teachers and ed-tech collaborate and they have made an overview of all digital learning resources:       

Two national broadcasters have a special programme for schools every morning.

We are in the middle of an experiment with distance education and home school. We have already started surveys and will conduct surveys with school owners, principals, teachers, and pupils.


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