Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (Министарство просвете, науке и технолошког развоја)
Current status:
Schools are closed until further notice (nursery schools open on 11/5)

In Serbia, distance learning is coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The Ministry has been organizing the production of different teaching and learning programmes aligned with a regular curricula. These programmes are available for preschool children, grades of primary and secondary general, VET and schools including dual programmes. Education contents are also available at the languages of the national minorities. Video messages on psychological issues, physical education and artistic activities have been produced as well. TVs and computers are provided for the migrant camps, so that they can follow the teaching process as well. Bearing in mind that a small percentage of students does not have access to digital contents, the schools prepare materials for these students and send them to their parents and communicate with these students by phones.

Teachers and students use online platforms that allow interactivity, providing feedback and follow up of the students’ progress. The following tools are mostly used: Google classroom, Microsoft Teams, Moja učionica, TeslaEdu, Edmodo and many others. All the platforms are free and open for use as well as the Serbian National Broadcasting Service where students can return and replay the content they have missed.

Since the beginning of schooling at home, many trainings for teachers for use of the eLearning platforms and digital tools have been organized in order to support the teachers.

The TV programmes have been produced by the close collaboration of the Ministry of Education with the Serbian National Broadcasting Service and the Serbian Government Office for IT and eGovernment.

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