Department of Education and Skills (An Roinn Oideachais agus Scileanna)
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Schools are open

Response to Covid-19 during the school year 2020-2021

In Ireland schools reopened on 24 August 2020.  

The Ministry has prepared and communicated well in advance instructions for the different educational levels while age appropriate material in the form of flyers and videos has been prepared for the students.  

In preparation for the school reopening, all school staff has undertaken and completed a COVID-19 Induction Training. The aim of such training was to ensure that staff have full knowledge and understanding of the following: 

latest up-to-date advice and guidance on public health, COVID-19 symptoms, what to do if a staff member or pupil develops symptoms of COVID-19 while at school.

Find here training for reopening schools and back to school information.

Response to Covid-19 during the school year 2019-2020

The ministry issued announcements and guidelines regularly for schools and teachers during the lockdown. The ministry hosted on its public website a list of resources such as guidelines for schools and teachers engaged in distance learning as well as prevention infographics and more. Links to various supported services to assist teachers, students and parents are listed to support continuity of learning. Additionally, it provided contact details for those who need more assistance. 

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