Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia (Ministarstvo Znanosti i obrazovanja)
Current status:
Schools are open

Schools reopened on 11 May 2020.

In Croatia the response to the crisis was organised on the national level. All schools organised virtual staffrooms and virtual classrooms. Mentor teams supported schools in the organization of virtual classrooms with guidelines on methodical and technical aspects. Video lessons for a week of teaching are produced on the national level. The ministry publishes around 50 hours of teaching on TV weekly for the youngest students, and 300 video lessons weekly for students aged 10-18. There is too a mentor system in place that helps speed up the process and support teachers, students and parents continuously.

A 24/7 help desk is available answering emails while support is provided over the phone, websites, messaging service and social networks. Additionally, the ministry responds to questions on their website via the FAQ section. 

An important lesson learned is that parents need to be addressed through alternative channels. That is why the ministry uses TV to communicate messages and the broadcasting companies are mobilised to provide better internet access for students. 


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