Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung)
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Schools are open

Most pupils go back to school on 18 May, with classes split in two groups that will each attend lessons half the week to ensure their desks are far enough apart.

The shift of teaching from the classroom to distance learning poses new challenges for many educators. In the first weeks of remote teaching, the Ministry has advertised new offers on its homepage, e.g. the content repository Eduthek, and has drawn attention to the extensive range of digital textbooks and the existing learning platforms in order to support practice at home and to provide appropriate materials.

Collaborative education platforms, such as Microsoft365 for Education or GSuite for Education, which also allow live lessons via video, are also part of this offer. Teachers and schools that have little experience with digital communication and with preparing and designing distance learning are given quick and easy access to the newly opened „Distance Learning Service Portal“, based on Microsoft365 for Education. The platform enables them to organise their new pedagogical life themselves and deal with virtually all the communication requirements of everyday school life.

Futhermore, introductory webinars (eLectures), online seminars, online coaching units from experienced colleagues and video quick guides are available at the Distance Learning Service Portal for Microsoft365 for Education as well as for the Austrian learning management systems LMS.at and Eduvidual. In just a few minutes, teachers receive quick instructions and, based on practical examples, answers to didactic questions.

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